Monday, November 2, 2009

A hundred places to see

..... before you die. That's my favorite programme and Travel and Living is my favorite channel nowadays. Haven't seen it yet? wow- check Globetrotter out (loved the NZ show), as well as Anthony Bourdain's kick ass cooking and eating programme (see the Texas special). And for shopping freaks- you should see their special on flea markets.

I so prefer seeing beautiful landscapes and interesting customs and people that I may never see in reality than someone else's "Sadesati"(read soap opera for non marathi speakers). Sometimes, in my mind's eye, I get inspired to make some bookings soon based on what I've seen. Sometimes, I actually cancel my mind's plan based on what I see as well!

I also love the cool sayings they have in between shows like: "A man travels the world in search of himself... and finds that when he returns home".