Thursday, April 14, 2016

Binge Watching

Airplane rides, from Pune to London: not good for extra long legs. So I've decided to forget about trying to desperately adjust every other moment, sit ramrod straight and watch them movies all the way through (forgetting sleep).  Yes, you see a lot of rubbish. But then you get a movie that does the magic for you.

This time: The Revenant (ok-doke) Black Mass (overhyped) Irrational Man (creepy but compelling), Burn after Reading ( weirdly funny in parts- John Malkowich going batty over a moronic Brad Pitt trying to blackmail him)

But the magic happened to me with The Big Short. Never thought I'd see a film about the subprime mortgage crisis without falling asleep, but wow. Taut, funny and compelling. Superb performances from Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, a couple of other younger actors I don't know the names of, Steve Carell (very good). And the compelling Christian Bale. Throw in  TV chef Anthony Bourdain to explain what a financial technical term is, and you know the movie is kind of special.

Just for a bit, all that flying discomfort was forgotten. Or maybe it was the drinks kicking in, finally.