Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bitter Sweet Breeze

I woke up to a breeze today. It was flowing in from Sinhagad, and as I turned the old noggin to the sky, I could see an early invasion of pre-monsoon clouds advancing from the southwest.

This is such a bittersweet breeze. The promise of better weather. The agony of school starting again (I still get a weird feeling in my stomach when school starts- do ya?). The sadness of Alphonso mangoes changing their taste to "overripe". The yummy taste of Jambhul and later, cherries.

Soon, this advance guard of fluffy white clouds will be replaced by their meaner, darker brothers. The landscape will change and be touched by green magic. The Gulmohor will look forlorn, beautiful and out of place when it finally does tip.

Bring it on, I say.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What's the big deal in this?

I met up with my neighbor for a drink at the good ol' watering hole yesterday. We had a great laugh and interesting conversation. So what's the big deal about this?

Well, I wasn't out with the guys I normally hang out with- this was someone I was catching up after quite some time. Someone who had such a remarkably different life from mine that it was utterly refreshing. The conversations were nice and offbeat and fun. I guess I was lucky as well, since my neighbor is an intelligent, self effacing person who doesn't blow his horn all the time.

But that's not really my point. I've noticed that as we grow older we tend to (unnecessarily) have less fun- we revisit the same patterns even when trying to have a good time. Meeting someone new also has its dangers- because you might end up completely hating the guy.

But how about meeting someone again, someone you've always liked, but doesn't fit into your current routine? It's no big deal, and you can have a great time instead of an ordinary one.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Castles in the Air

I wonder how many of y'all are watching "Castle". If you haven't- worth a watch: StarWorld, Mon-Thu, at 10 pm.

A TV serial of good premise- and good promise, too. A spoilt rotten author worms his way into NYPD to study his muse( a hot looking detective) and create his new bestseller. He ends up solving mysteries along the way.

I do hope it doesn't go the "Heroes" way, though- that serial had started out interesting but just got tedious. (a bit like Mandrake gesturing hypnotically and making the villain's gun a banana or something every single time- kind of loses its cool quotient after a while.)

Anyhow- back to Castle- I like the lead pair chemistry, I like the sub plots, and I like the whole muse thing because I'm an author as well, and I know how hard it is to get inspired to get over the whole "writer's block" thing at times.

You need to have a good dose of reality to build "Castles in the Air".

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Decoding Mumbo Jumbo

When I'd heard the term "Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)", I'd instantly started yawning. It seemed to me one of those new agey- fad-like- mumbo- jumbo things that no one really understands. Although people still kept throwing it in as a buzzword in a conversation as if they knew what they were saying. It also put me off because I thought it mainly consisted of "how to brainwash and manipulate others" kinda thing.

Talk about forming an opinion before really understanding a subject! In my defence, NLP is such a poor name for something so strength-giving.

I changed my mind when I read (and subsequently re-read) a wonderful book by Sue Knight called "NLP at work". The book explains terms like hypnosis, changing your mental scripts, using NLP for work-life, coaching, mentoring and life in general.

While I don't agree with all of the concepts presented- I still think there's a lot there that can make your life better.Written in a very easy to read, non- mystical and non- arrogant way, its for anyone who wants to change their life's script for the better.

Mumbo- Jumbo decoded. Worth a read.

The Second Chance

Something really nice happened the other day. I was with my daughters, watching them converse with each other. (One's 8 and the other 6)

One of 'em was recounting some story about what happened to her to the other one. It was a "tall" story. I could see that it had some embellishments to it.

First kid: "and then I was skipped for 15 minutes straight!"

The other kid started a countdown: " 10- 9- 8-7...."

First kid: "Ok- Ok. Maybe it was only for 5 minutes....."

So the first kid had taken back her white lie when the second kid began her countdown. When I asked them about this, the explanation was that the countdown was a second chance to the white lier. Apparently,if you change your story back to the truth before the countdown was through, a wolf doesn't come and bite your bum.

What a neat way to stick as close to the truth as possible! And to think that they've come up with this themselves. A second chance.

Wonder if it will work with grown ups?