Sunday, May 16, 2010

Castles in the Air

I wonder how many of y'all are watching "Castle". If you haven't- worth a watch: StarWorld, Mon-Thu, at 10 pm.

A TV serial of good premise- and good promise, too. A spoilt rotten author worms his way into NYPD to study his muse( a hot looking detective) and create his new bestseller. He ends up solving mysteries along the way.

I do hope it doesn't go the "Heroes" way, though- that serial had started out interesting but just got tedious. (a bit like Mandrake gesturing hypnotically and making the villain's gun a banana or something every single time- kind of loses its cool quotient after a while.)

Anyhow- back to Castle- I like the lead pair chemistry, I like the sub plots, and I like the whole muse thing because I'm an author as well, and I know how hard it is to get inspired to get over the whole "writer's block" thing at times.

You need to have a good dose of reality to build "Castles in the Air".


Meghana said...

It's a great serial. Like it too...:)

Cynic's Twist said...

Interesting TV series, though it has already fallen into a predictable framework. The lead pair's chemistry carries it through.

Suvrat Kher said...

Hey... Monk is back too :)

weecheeky said...

yeah, I liked castle too, though here it comes only once a week. :-)