Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Second Chance

Something really nice happened the other day. I was with my daughters, watching them converse with each other. (One's 8 and the other 6)

One of 'em was recounting some story about what happened to her to the other one. It was a "tall" story. I could see that it had some embellishments to it.

First kid: "and then I was skipped for 15 minutes straight!"

The other kid started a countdown: " 10- 9- 8-7...."

First kid: "Ok- Ok. Maybe it was only for 5 minutes....."

So the first kid had taken back her white lie when the second kid began her countdown. When I asked them about this, the explanation was that the countdown was a second chance to the white lier. Apparently,if you change your story back to the truth before the countdown was through, a wolf doesn't come and bite your bum.

What a neat way to stick as close to the truth as possible! And to think that they've come up with this themselves. A second chance.

Wonder if it will work with grown ups?


anagha said...

Hey Sid I loved this and I can imagine both of them at the game.