Monday, April 15, 2019

Elongated Musk

Mr. Elongated Musk, as former fanboy,
I now think your lore is greater than your tusk

I wonder if you'll change
your point of view
if you realise
we're just primates
who happen to wear clothes
on our way to the pearly gates

I don't know why
Silicon Valley is gaga
about sending a Tesla
into space. Ha ha.

What a waste of talent,
Mr. Elongated Musk
You could perhaps
with that king sized brain
literally train
so many people to change
their own lives and the world's pain

But you build a driverless car
and go too far
and even if you do
go to Mars
do take a breath and pause
perhaps ask
what's the cause?

You might say its to ensure humanity's safety
from polluting you and me
A Plan B
after destroying Planet E
Is that really clever, Mr. Musk
or do you know something more
than all of us?

I used to like you,
Mr. Elongated Musk
until I saw that intelligence
and courage and heart
Live in separate worlds.

And while the fanboys will vehemently
shout down a naysayer like me
I want to like you again, Elon
Please come down to earth again
Let's rebuild what we have and gain.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Scientific Method

One day,
The Scientist and the Philosopher
met at a bar
(if you think this is a joke,
you're going too far)

The topic at hand was not Atheism or God
Nor was it about religion
It was, quite surprisingly,
their failure with money and women

I believe in the Scientific method,
said the Philosopher bitterly
but look where its got me
he said accusingly
I'm stuck in my head
sleep alone in my bed
All my deep ideas
remain pleas
for someone to notice me
and that happens very infrequently..

I believe in the Joy of Discovery,
said the Scientist
and I'm sure you'll get the gist
when I report that
he told the other guy
his pending patent
had made someone else richer
and gave him a nice ulcer.

Just then the barkeep came to them
what'll it be then
"Gin for his depression
and rum for my frustration"
said the Science man
"and keep separate tabs"
said the mournful Philosopher
Just as his sad eyes spotted her

Across the room
"The witch forgot her broom"
said he
TheScientist who had
also been rejected by her
nodded sagely

As they downed their joint account
of depression and frustration,
the Philosopher said
"I'm getting out of here
Take a contemplative walk
In the city"

The Scientist waited till he left
Got out his notes from his phone
studied them for a while
made a new entry: Attempt 7
as he carried out his new experiment
to get to heaven.

He approached her, with a non stalker smile
said its been quite a while
that you last rejected me
after which
I've got half a promotion
and a citation
for my almost exemplary work
will that work
for you to have a drink with me?

Results of the latest experiment
are still awaited
Although early signs seem promising
She had a drink and let him sing
his song of courtship to her
and had left the bar with him..

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

April's Voting Fools

Left, Right, Left, Right
All my friends on Facebook
think of democracy
with all their might

Left= Bad
Everyone's election game
Right on song

Up, Down, Down, Up
We all wait
for The market and the elevator
to create their storm
In a teacup

People perfectly reasonable
a few months ago
with the new logo
they sport
as they court
a date on the calendar
when they'll vote.

Where they'll be vindicated
or not
After which whether they'll have angst
or not
for the next five years
is yet unclear

And while there won't be
any tears
they'll be outrage
as people in a cage
argue about freedom
with all their wisdom.

Please do vote, of course, whatever your gripe
or forever smoke the peace pipe.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Closet Optimist

Every time I see a spark
of hope in me
I feel crushed.

I will not have this beautiful feeling
of both unease and joy
Dictate my life
only to have me reeling
At the last moment,
As clouds of doubt seeded
From both skeptic and cynic
Makes me wonder-
is this still worth it?

The startup that wasn't supported
The project that wasn't funded
The relationship that never got the right chance
The health that did a deadly dance
All seemingly bright and beautiful
at first glance?

My reluctance as an optimist
Perhaps is a silent tribute
to all those left in the mist
With A Bewildered face
and an Angry Fist
That's shaking at the world
as they get hurled.

Many of us, then,
The other garden variety of dreamers
The closet optimists
We won't get taken to the cleaners.
We believe in the goodness of a thing
As we wait for the rest of the damn world
To get the right neurons firing

But hope we won't
Dreaming we can't avoid
We accept the non acceptance

with equanimity if not poise.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Poem for poets who wrote a poem on #poetryday

Good lord,
We have a poetry day too
And if my dog made some poo..

We'll toast that moment hard
I'm sure you have a clue
where I'm going with this?
I'd give this day a miss
( with apologies to all
who wrote good stuff today:
this is still a diss)

Relax, sir. Relax, Ma'am.
Just a meaningless rant
on the strange creation
of super meaningful days
that could wither away with
a deep gaze
At them, but still

We simply need the memes
Need that gate-pass
Need that permission slip
Can't celebrate life
without themes.

And here I am,
as I contribute to the banal
As if I'd rather have a root canal
(now that's trite, but just out of spite)
Smirking from my pulpit
at the monkey tribe below
not knowing
that the tribe below
is the schizophrenic version
of my own reflection.
Happy Poetry day, then, everyone.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


What's your Story
today, as you stir
What'll make you blur
the bad tidings
Face the music
of another day?

Better make your tale
strong and true
Lord of your manor, are you
or the hapless victim
of a crime
Playing a bit role
An Extra
in your own life?

Whatever it is
sure your story has layers untold
And plays out in technicolor
(well, at least in silver and gold)
Oh wait. I forgot. Today,
you got up on the wrong side
and found no story
that kicked in

Fear crawled up your skin
Without that soothing balm
without that justification
How will you ever
take any action?

With nothing at all in your damn head
you climb down the stairs
You look at others in despair
You find no real people
just ghosts with stories
with their angst and their glories

Just walking around, doing this and that
But when you talk to them
it comes out pat
My life. My relationship.
My money. My bad hip.
So interesting, so tiresome
for sure there's no outcome
For a person without a story
is a story without a person

Friday, March 8, 2019


Ive outsourced
my heart, my mind, my memory,
my life
I'm in too deep
my smartphone's
got me by the jewels

I've outsourced
my past, my future
my present's sutured
up by a distant cloud
apparently there's an app for this
and there's an app for every that.

I've outsourced
my skill, my motivation,
my drive
I'm a happy little piggy
on Netflix and Prime

I've outsourced
every possible way I exist
and yet I do?
Must be something like love
that I can't outdo.

Maybe there's reluctant Hope
that I can't outsource too
And maybe Dreams
although getting someone to work
on my plans will do

Perhaps all the outsourcing
Finally helps me and you
Find a moment that's true
and use currency that's real
About time too?