Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blue Skying

I was wondering what the new year had in store
Blue skying
Full of possibilities, and some fears to keep score
Blue skying
and then I came across this wonderful gift and clue:

as I continue blue skying. Goodbye, 2010.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Wine in an Old Bottle

I recently visited the Alma Mater ( I was a key note speaker at their leadership summit, and boy, was the trip was one of a kind.

On my journey back to reality, replete with the wonderful experiences, I wondered what it was that was so wonderful.

Was it nostalgia? Nah. The place has changed so much that it is unrecognizable. Was it the heady experience of the speech? Nah. More likely, I was humbled by all the other guys who were speaking alongside me. Was it meeting interesting people who I'd love to connect with more in my life? Maybe... while that's true, it ain't the complete truth.

So was it me being plain pampered then, by the alumni team? Yep. There it is. This wonderful, young, bunch of students made my stay memorable. They took really good care of me, and made me feel respected and not old (that's a fine trick, that is). From getting me a cuppa in the morning, to arranging various things with glee- and making sure that I enjoy the ride as much as them.

Thanks you guys. New People in an Old Memory. Cheers!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's the Song, not the Shower!

Just today, in the shower- have no idea why but I started singing an old old song without realising I'm singing.

Now we all love bathroom singing, don't we- but sometimes the choice of song is also a very good indicator of your current mood (ephemeral though it may be!). Sometimes, its a love ballad, while one pretends to be Axl Rose, sometimes it is "I wanna be a rock star".... you may be singing ghazals but you get da point, doncha.

So I was singing this nonsensical song (Hum jo hai jo do aur do paanch bana de) which was from a slapsticky Amitabh film. I hadn't sung it in years, and whoops, there it was, transporting me back to singing the same song, swinging a school bag walking back from school, sun on my back, back to play with my best friend and terrorize some pets.

Do you have a song that connects you to that happy go lucky child within? Sing it now then- don't wait for that inspiring shower.