Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's the Song, not the Shower!

Just today, in the shower- have no idea why but I started singing an old old song without realising I'm singing.

Now we all love bathroom singing, don't we- but sometimes the choice of song is also a very good indicator of your current mood (ephemeral though it may be!). Sometimes, its a love ballad, while one pretends to be Axl Rose, sometimes it is "I wanna be a rock star".... you may be singing ghazals but you get da point, doncha.

So I was singing this nonsensical song (Hum jo hai jo do aur do paanch bana de) which was from a slapsticky Amitabh film. I hadn't sung it in years, and whoops, there it was, transporting me back to singing the same song, swinging a school bag walking back from school, sun on my back, back to play with my best friend and terrorize some pets.

Do you have a song that connects you to that happy go lucky child within? Sing it now then- don't wait for that inspiring shower.


Meghana said...

Very cute. Actually, this is exactly what Jay does every morning. Sing some crazy amitabh songs in the bath and come out grinning to face the day.