Saturday, March 22, 2014

An Ordinary Life

I've heard and am tired of the statement "live your life as if its your last day". Frankly, if it was indeed my last day, I'd be too worried to enjoy anything. My younger daughter gave me a different spin on this one a few weeks back. It was deep. I'm just beginning to understand how deep it really was.

She told me, in the way kids too, that she's fed up of this whole make your life enchanting and extraordinary business (she's ten!) If it was indeed her last day, she would live it like an ordinary day. Because ordinary days are what anyone will actually miss when they are gone. Mind you- not the bad ones. Just plain ol' normal.

That's so true. I will miss the mundane, the boring, the staid, the in-between. I will miss the newspaper and the coffee. The wait for the bus. The walk home from work. The mildly funny tv program. The quick conversation with a friend.That's what fills most of our days in any case.

Ordinary days make special days stand out. When you go on that wonderful holiday, or when you get that raise, or your kid does her homework on time.

Dear God: Make my last day an ordinary one. I will cherish that.