Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Remember the time

Got into nostalgia mode with MJ leaving us. Got a CD playing some of his best songs. The man may have been troubled at many levels, but boy, did he have melody running in his veins. Listening to "Remember the time"; "Man in the mirror" and "Billie Jean" in the car ... brought back teenage memories of trying to look cool when doing(or attempting) the moonwalk.
What an entertainer. Michael, may you have more peace wherever you may be.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Dont lose this one

Rujuta Diwekar's book- Dont lose your mind, lose your weight- simply rocks. I like her ability to keep things real, and for the first time, I've read a book concentrating on nutrition rather than dieting, and when you read it you'll know the difference. A book that definately compels you to take some action- however fit or unfit you maybe. Don't like her Bejan Daruwala type pontification, but apart from that, its all good. Highly recommended for everybody.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

An Ode to Wode

Have been reading old favorite PG Wodehouse lately. I still find them hilarious and completely relaxing. I'd say Wodehouse possibly is an inspiration to a show like Cheers or Frasier- a nice, benign kind of atmosphere, no real concerns for the hero, who has money or a regular job, is lazy but has good taste and manners. He gets into sticky situations and you can routinely expect genuinely funny moments where you hold your sides, doubling up with laughter. I know, I know- all too predictable, but I'd like some predictable humor in today's warped world, where you have to enroll into a laughter club to laugh.
I'd prefer an Ode to Wode any day.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Park that thought...er car!

I have to record a small, but really rare joy today. I dont care what books say about visualising results like getting the right parking space, but boy, when you find one, it is heaven, isnt it? Especially if you are driving a car to someplace like MG Road, in Deccan somewhere, or just trying to get to office at the earliest.

I've noticed that they've started pay and park on most roads.... but dont get me started on that or I'll lose that small joy feelin'...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Its the experience, stupid!

Pune has a lot of lovely eating places. Have you tried the Khichadi at Appa's canteen? Its a joy: standing up, eating messily, in dingy surroundings, looking at people seriously enjoy their food as well. Limited items on the menu everyday.

Also- never pack things and take them home from such a place. Wont taste the same. Now is a good time to read the title of this blog again - to know why :)

Which end of the rainbow?

I saw a beautiful rainbow after a long time. The Pune rains have finally arrived. As soon as I saw the rainbow, I observed a lot of people getting their phone-cameras out trying to click the sight, get the best lighting and angle, etc. I was half tempted to do so.

But then I wondered. Which end of the rainbow has the metaphoric pot of gold? Should I capture the rainbow and risk missing the moment, or shall I miss the moment but capture the picture?

It got all too philosophical for me. What would you do?