Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Jerk in all of Us

All of us have a hidden jerk lurking about within. A nasty moody person who's surly and crap to be with. Unfortunately, this ba.....d is the same guy who can be more daring, creative and impact- creating than the rest of our personality.

Now I'm not for a moment advocating that we let this jerk rule who we are completely, but don't we need to find a balance between different parts of who we are and accept them? Even the jerk inside us.

That's what the "Social Network" did to me: it showed me how different personalities and value systems play out when confronted with an idea. A mind blowing film, it makes you think about so many things: loyalty, differing value systems, an inventor's mind, a supporter's mind- and what it really takes to make an impact on the world. Without really delving into the film and being spoiler, I'd like to recommend it for the absolutely absorbing watch that it is. I love the treatment: there is no right or wrong.

It just is.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Radical Residue

I have recently read, re- read and started actively using a "gem of a book" called Radical Honesty. My favourite professor recommended it, and after I read it, he told me to re-read it. He was right.

This book changes your life, and I wish I'd written it. There. Said it. Biggest compliment a writer can pay to another one. Not that the author Brad Blanton needs my compliments. In fact, he'd probably cuss me out in case he reads this blog. He's that kind of guy and yeah, this is that kind of book. You either hate him or love him. I ended up hating him and loving his book (happens!)

This book is raw. Needs polishing and editing. But I wouldn't change anything in it. Not everyone's cup of tea though- honesty is a bitter poison to begin with. So I know that most of y'all won't read it. So I thought I'd leave you with the main residue that I had when I finished the book:

Whenever there is a choice to be made in life, ditch the principle and go for the truth. Always.
(You may have a different residue if you brave the book. That's the beauty!)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nature's Fireworks

This Diwali, I will also look towards nature to supply me the fireworks. I thought the snap above signifies just that: paying attention to our surrounds while we celebrate Diwali may be the way ahead for all of us. Don't these flowers light up your Diwali as much as the lamp in the middle does?

Maybe celebration doesn't always have to be at a cost. Both can co-exist, balance each other out. We don't need to take an extreme position.

A Happy Diwali, everyone!