Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spice Cream

A blazing hot day. On Fergusson Road, around lunchtime. I see an interesting sign: Zaika Spicecream. As an Icecream aficionado, needless to say- I'm tempted to go inside and see what it's about.

I see strange icecream flavors. Lavang. Star Anise. Spicy and strangely, Indian. I order a scoop, taste tentatively- and - love it!

Cheesy, heady, rich, cold and fun. And for a change, what I like about this whole icecream experience is that they aren't aping anything western. An Indian product, innovative and unique.

I don't think I can eat packs of the stuff, though- will be too much. But this icecream is worth trying, guys: let's encourage good taste and originality that is Indian!


Cynic's Twist said...

As a (former) ice-cream lover, I say keep eating! :)

weecheeky said...

sounds interesting. will definitely try next time I m in pune. :-)

Darshan Deokule said...

Thanks for the Info...Wil surely try it out.

The Sleeping Ninja said...


Indian ice creams are the best there are, ask me. I drive 70 miles one way to get tubs of Mango and Pista icecream from a shop run by a Middle Eastern family, because the taste resembles our 'Indian' ice cream.