Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November Rain

It has been real weird weather lately- Thunderstorms- blustery winds, windchill, and bucketfuls of rain throughout the day and night. Quite a departure from the usual cool, sunny climes and azure skies just a few days back. Over 75 mm of rain in just one day.

I started off being really resentful that the normal winter days have been stolen away from me --and I couldn't sue anyone for it.

Then slowly,I became fascinated by the spectacle. Sure, I've had rainy Novembers in my life but never have I seen such sustained fury before. Pune has become Mahabaleshwar, and if I just make believe I am in that hill station, what a difference it makes to my outlook!

Guns and Roses time folks. Time to also curl up with a creepy mystery or a Sherlock Holmes classic while this dismal but strangely attractive spectacle lasts.


'Bade mian' said...

Oh ! Come on ! This is Pune at its best. Rains, clouds, and waterfalls around you. Its like the extended monsoons, with the added advantage that its nippy :)

Suvikas Bhandari

Siddharth said...

Hey, thanks for writing in. Yes, I love the monsoon as well- but I tend to like the dry cool Pune winter as well. Sounding like a travelogue now :)