Thursday, November 5, 2009


I know I promised not to write anything about cricket on this blog, but maybe its not cricket that I'm talking about here. Well, ok. Maybe it is cricket. Sorry for sounding muddled. I haven't got too much sleep last night after that heartbreaking loss to Australia. That bit was bitter, especially the end of the innings, after Sachin went.

And what an innings he played. 175 while chasing. That's the sweet part. I'm struggling to remember only that. Not the way he got out. Not the way in which everyone else folded up. I'm guessing his time in this game is limited, but an innings like this one means the man is truly ageless.

Now about the non- cricket part. I wonder how much joy you feel in the journey when the outcome is bitter. That is the struggle of a bittersweet small joy.


Akshay said...

I totally agree .. that match was truly bittersweet