Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Surprise, Surprise!

I felt very special yesterday when my cousin and his wife planned a neat surprise for me at a party. Thing is, they'd bought my book off Amazon and had carried the copy with them.

In the midst of all the revelry, a very nice "mock" book signing and interview was held all for my benefit- and I must say that the surprise was managed really well. My cousin (who should have been someone like David Letterman instead of what he's currently doing) is someone who has that rare gift of making a surprise special and yet not too overwhelming.

He does this, I think, by keeping the whole thing light and very spontaneous- and yet is very sensitive to all the emotions that are in the air when something like this happens. I've seen him doing this on numerous occasions, but when the surprise happens to you, well, it feels really good!

The joy of a surprise when done just right. I still can't stop smiling.


Meghana said...

Its nice to be appreciated by the family..:) I'm glad that for once they focussed on your talent..:)

Cynic's Twist said...

@ Meghana: What do you mean? Sid has lots of talents, he just hides them well.

Siddharth said...