Monday, November 16, 2009

After a long time

Haven't you done something after a long time and remembered how good it feels- and wonder why it isn't on your agenda more often? In my case, a sport that I don't play often enough is what I'm yakking about. Maybe, in your case, it may be visiting your favorite restaurant or relative, or plant.

I think it is just the mechanized boring routine that we call our life that sometimes makes us lose out on simple joys. We either totally forget how we had fun when we did those things or we promise ourselves some in the future and stay in tune with the grind instead.

The machine inside us wins and the poet inside all of us goes for a longish sulk. Till we do something, yet again, that gives us that fun, in spite of the machine wanting us to be dull, through a small crack somewhere that life opens out for us.