Friday, November 20, 2009

Being stretched

Sometimes, in life, you are stretched for one reason or the other. A lot of times it is for the wrong reason. A work colleague behaving unreasonably, boss acting up, kids not being well, and so many of life's unpredicabilities that pull you out of a nice comfortable place and into something that you dont particularly relish.

I dont think you can feel "joy" when you are being stretched like this. All you can do is try and learn from the unpleasant experience to confirm what you really want from life.

However, sometimes, you are stretched in a different manner- either by your mentor, or your boss, or your colleague or anyone else really- who pushes you to use your intelligence beyond the normal humdrum.

I think you can definitely feel joy when you are challenged this way. That's the small joy I'm talking about- the joy of your intelligence being stretched. Anyone who has been in a good chess or bridge game, or any sport for that matter, knows what I am saying.


Cynic's Twist said...

I am experiencing a lot of joy presently then :)