Thursday, November 12, 2009

Feedback as Signs

This joy is a weird one, cause it can sometimes cause a lot of pain for you if it's given at a wrong moment. I'm talking about the times when we give and receive feedback from fellow human beings.

At the wrong time, when you/the other person isn't really in a listening sort of mood, it can become a very painful experience indeed. But sometimes, like it has happened to me with a lot of people just recently, when you are in a listening frame of mind, you can isolate a spectacular grain of truth in the midst of all the "stuff".

It is the joy of being able to understand a facet of yourself and have an "aha!" kind of moment. Life rarely remains the same after this kind of well- received feedback.

Now let's place the shoe on the other foot: our own, when we give feedback. When its taken well by the recipient. What I've noticed in such rare occasions is the immutable fact that when your feedback is well received, you have learnt how to communicate better as well. And sometimes, you have received some feedback about yourself that you may never have as well because of the nature of such meetings.

I consider such feedback a sign from the universe!


Meghana said...

Nice! My roadrage doesn't allow me such moments of kindness when driving..I guess I compensate by being kind in the rest of my life! :)