Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Philosophy at Pune Cafe's

I was with a friend of mine at Raviraj, that old haunt of mine where you can complete a deep conversation with someone before a reluctant waiter comes to take an order (I'd actually finished an entire interview with a candidate and walked out without ordering anything- ain't that funny).

I dont mind that very much, because the atmosphere in such a place just makes you all introspective and in learning mode. Even if you are a type A non listener, something about places like Raviraj, Rupali and the rest ensure that you chill enough to let the other guy speak as well.

I also like the fact that in such a place, you can get away with a lot of philosophical spouting as well- the other guy doesn't bite your head off- he's too mellow for that- and lets you prattle on...

Just wondering: is that why Jean Paul Sartre held all those philosophical discourses in French cafe's? Hmmmm.