Thursday, September 4, 2008

Unseasonal Rain

This year hasnt been very happy as far as rains go, especially in Pune. Normally, the weather in August and September is champagne like- just the right amount of sunshine and cool breeze. This year, it has been noticeably warmer. All that talk about global warming and the like has been bandied about-without anyone really understanding anything much about it:)

I guess I am influenced overmuch by the weather. Hot days make me wish I'm someplace else, with a cool drink in hand. So needless to say,the months of August and September now have been a bit disappointing.

So it made what happened a couple of days ago very special. It rained elephants. No, dinosaurs.. and it kept pelting as if it was just a staged thing, not real rain at all. As luck would have it, I got caught in the rain. And it felt nice to run from where I was to my car.. laughing when big drops slapped on my back.

I saw complete strangers, being pelted away, smile at each other. That memory should last me for the rest of this season.


Kaajal said...

oh yes these rains will be memorable! azhaan loves them too.. and just yesterday as he came home in the evening on the two wheelar, he came screaming in the house "mamma, i saw a real rainbow!" and i just smiled... "go on baby, its ur time to stumble upon lifes small jewels!"

Jas said...

I love rainy season! love to see green everywhere. love to get wet even if i have an umbrella with me and when i do that I suddenly find myslef smiling even if I am getting late. Listening to rain at night while sleeping is most soothing experience. :o)

Siddharth said...

Kaajal, hope your son always sees the rainbow. Jas, I love sleeping when its raining outside as well...the deepest kind of sleep!