Thursday, September 18, 2008

The joke's on me

I'm hopeless at using new gadgets. I really am. I never use many of the features, and I misuse features that I think I know. Just recently, my colleagues were laughing at me because I was snapping "pictures that moved" ( I thought it was a feature. They told me I'm videoshooting 2 second films. So sue me! )

I've never had a problem with people laughing at me- at most times. My friends, family and colleagues routinely criticise the clothes I wear, my ineptness with anything mechanical, my ability to give weird answers to straightforward questions, you name it... making an ass of myself is something that is very natural :)

I've never tried to analyse this before, but I guess I am very lucky for people to make fun of me.
It makes me feel that they are comfortable enough with me to laugh at me. Most times, I tend not to take things too seriously and laugh along.

Take what you do seriously, but never yourself, I guess.