Monday, September 22, 2008

A Bulldozer on Bhandarkar Road

A few days back, I went to a really happy eating place. This is a new place- on Bhandarkar road, right with all the really old kirana shops. The difference couldnt be starker. The crowd inside was very cosmo- almost as if someone had plucked a few German Bakery afficianados and planted them in a eatery on Bhandarkar Road (which is quite Maharashtrian, although not exactly like the Peths)

Anyway. its a nice little place( sorry, no beer) but the food is well presented and the place well lit. Service is more than just functional- the waiter actually told us to order less- which was a first- and was discreet. Its more important for waiters to be discreet in a small place. And yeah,you can actually see the chefs inside. But they dont do gross things like ask you to look at the food that they are cooking :)

And the food is very nice, the sizzling brownie was the best. It's eclectic cuisine, a mix without being the drab "multi cuisine". (I hate multicuisine. No character.)

But the best part was the happiness that was radiating out of that place. On a table, I spotted an African, an Indian, and a couple of Europeans eat and laugh together. Its as if someone bulldozed some happiness on staid ol' Bhandarkar road!


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