Monday, September 1, 2008

Rock On, Farhan

Cheers for Farhan Akhtar. Cheers for getting out of his own comfort zone and allowing himself to be made a fool of. After all, which acclaimed director would take the risk for his reputation to be smudged just so that he can pursue a dream project?

And in doing so, he gives us a beautiful small joy. For the uninitiated, I’m talking about the film “Rock On”; a real, genuine film that celebrates the journey (and not just the pursuit) of what truly matters to you. The film made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me connect to my own self with all its frailties. It talked of compromise, and it talked of deep love. A love that supports and nourishes.

It’s wonderful to see a film that truly connects to your soul, without being burdensome. I’d call this film to be in that category. And while of course all films would have their critics, I feel that we should celebrate as well, when something does touch you. And this film does. It leaves you thinking, but also with a smile on your face.

I won’t waste any more words- go and see the film that has made it as my small joy for the weekend.


Graffiti Speak said...

While I don't know if I would surely see the movie soon I can say onething though - that we need more and more directors step out of their cozy corners and become experiential than sticking to stereotypes...I guess Bollywood is more receptive to off-beat themes and really getting the 'stuff' right :) time to CELEBRATE for movie buffs...thanks for the good review...

Cynics Twist said...

Interesting review - what amuses me though, is when people who are very good at what they do (Farhan in this case) choose to get "uncomfortable" and do something else. Typically this is something I would like to see with people, but with the Hindi film industry I am no so sure. Almost all examples of non-actors (who were good in what they did - singing, direction etc) trying to step in front of a camera seems like a big exercise in vanity. To be done by the super rich, of course. Personally I like Farhan as a director - as an actor I am not so sure. I would rather see him direct a film every 2 years, than see him act in a film every 2 years and direct a film every other 2.

Siddharth said...

cynic's twist,
I think there is a thin line between megalomania and creativity. I think the key is to follow your heart, but lock your car... sorry for the mixed metaphors!