Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Free and invaluable

As I read this morning's papers, doom and gloom made their appearance. In the form of terrorism, and in the form of big, established firms like Lehmann Brothers going down. I realised how much of an impact negative (but necessary to know and very real) news can screw up your mood.

You become pensive and worried, wonder what's going to happen. Its a nameless kind of dread, especially if you aren't impacted by it personally. I realised more than ever that the world works out of fear, out of greed and out of anxiety.

This mood persisted when I took a morning walk. Its funny how a bad mood thats general can impact you and how your mind can make it personal. Soon enough I started thinking about all the challenges I have at work.

Then I looked at the park around me. Trees were still growing, the sun was still warm and nice. It made me realise that some things dont change quite so often. Trees will continue to grow well(unless stupidly cut down) and the sun will be warming me (before it burns out, but thankfully its a long time later). We all talk of nature being fickle, but today, it was nature that gave me certainty and peace. It was man that made me circumspect.

Uninterrupted nature was free for me to enjoy, and it was also invaluable. It made me face up to the rest of my day with more peace and yes, hope as well.