Monday, September 1, 2008

Birthday Bump

It’s my birthday today. I am thirty six years old. And before you start feeling sorry for me, consider this:

The sun shone brighter today. The birds sounded just a little bit better. Even the grouch at office managed a smirk instead of a frown. I suddenly felt a lot better. Younger, too- and I’m not kidding myself. I felt younger because I remembered how I used to feel when birthdays had some meaning and felt magical.

And I’m so glad this finally happened. You see, I had lost that magical feeling that accompanies birthdays for quite a few years now. The same “all’s right with the world” type of feeling you have and the feeling of being special when you are a child. So I got my mojo back, and boy does it feel great! I just feel lighter and brighter, if you know what I mean. In fact, unless you are really unlucky, you know exactly what I mean- everyone has had that feeling and that day that I am talking about.

Then I started thinking about it more. Why can’t we have the same special feeling every day? Surely we are all old enough and mature enough to notice the good things in life and about ourselves every single day. But I stopped this over-thinking in time. Why did I stop?
Because while it’s good to have the ability to feel cherished and special on an ordinary day for no reason at all, there are some small joys like feelin’ like what I’m feelin’ on a birthday.

Let’s just call it a” birthday bump” that someone has created for me to make me realize , from time to time, to be selfish without guilt and have the whole world play along indulging you a bit. So I'd say: wherever you are, whoever you are, celebrate your own birthday like a preteen, and without guilt!


Graffiti Speak said...

Hello Sid (if I may call you that...) Have a blast today...and every birthday...

Here is something special for you from my favourite magazine -

"On your birthday, you were gifted to this world and this world was gifted to you. Please...Don't miss the world. And please let this world not miss you" - Voice of Love

Hope you have a great time.


Siddharth said...

Graffiti Speak,
Thanks for the wishes, thats a neat one.