Monday, September 1, 2008

Alexander McCall-Smith

Alexander McCall Smith: heard of him? He writes some really nice books. Its a meandering, journey- more- important- than- the- main- theme type of read(people who want tight scripts avoid), but has real characters who connect with you.

Why do I think his books are a very nice "small joy"? Its because he writes so lovingly about the place that he cherishes- Edinburgh, Scotland. You can feel his enthusiasm for the place. It's as if he knows every nook and cranny, and in your mind's eye, you see Edinburgh. You smell the rain, you see the hills, and you salivate over the food descriptions.And you fall in love with the city yourself. I certainly did.

Of course, it is a romanticised view, and I'm sure in reality Edinburgh has its warts, but just hold on a second. I think its more likely that I will look out for whatever he has seen when I do see Edinburgh.

And to tell you the truth, I'm sure the place that I love the most- Pune- has its warts too. Its just that I dont see them too many of them when I have rose tinted my view already.

Cheers to rose tinted views of other places. In the safety of my own home!