Monday, September 1, 2008

Rush Of Blood

I tried a funny thing today. I was in a state of affairs where I was waiting for something to happen- someone to come for a meeting, some mail to be received not received yet, some unexplained delay that was making me wait. I was alone and just about to get bored. Either that or anxious. That seems to be the favorite time pass for my mind. But instead of doing what I normally would do, I just flooded my body with attention.

And I mean really flood. I’d read it in “The power of Now”, but I experienced this consciously today. And let me tell you a little secret- I found out that even if I don’t need to chant anything, sit cross legged or in a sleeping position, blah blah blah, it helped me. I can do this anywhere, anytime. Perhaps it will helped that I was alone when I did this, but I’m not entirely sure of this.

It helped me because it made me feel lighter and more alive. I noticed how my heart pumps out blood. Strong, systematic and certain. How my heart has a rhythm that connects to what I think. How an intense emotion makes its way through my blood and infects every cell that I own. In both positive and negative ways. It was almost like getting real time feedback on what my body thought my mind was upto.

Will this cure cancer? Thats baloney. Will this make me more alive? Definately. As Charles Chaplin once said- "I hate the sight of blood, but it's in my veins".. so let me atleast be friendly with my body!

The idea is to be in a state of giving to my body what it needs the most from me- attention- and be curious enough to see the results of the attention that I am paying.

What I found was very interesting and funny. I found out that I actually didn’t like it when what I was waiting for actually happened- I was so busy enjoying this rush of blood.. I hope you have the same experience. And if you do, please drop me a note on what exactly happened. I'd love to know what your experience was.


Graffiti Speak said...

Isn't that called the meditative state - state of just being you and being observant of your body? Glad to hear that you had such wonderful experience on your for me I will try to do that and get back to you if I too have experienced something like that...till then cheers!

khatriranjya said...
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khatriranjya said...

its kind of interesting to see people from different fields having similar experiences also how the mind works for people, when you are having trouble sleeping at night and you are moving about in your bed try this not meditation as falling asleep while meditating is dangerous, trying to be relaxed according to me is being aware of your body and mind and the state it is in and then once you are going on to do the things you want to do in a relaxed state,in may case 'sleep' some might say how ,what i am about is relevant to your experience but it seems so as i tend to do similar things , more out of necessity than for fun but try this guys lie or even sit in a very comfortable position,try and feel your toes going still, motionless and then calves and so on till u reach the neck and then lastly the head while doing this observe the pace of your breathing and that it gets more rhythmic this to me is time to give your performance so SID get doing this just before you get up to boil and egg or go for walk have many more wonderful B'days and such experiences i usually get a cake...........