Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunburnt Norwegians

Over this weekend, I had the pleasure of making friends with a Norwegian couple. Over dinner, I found out that they had played golf( they are just beginners, or so they said) and had a bad case of sunburn.

I realised that Norway is as different as it possibly can be from Pune. They either have day or they have night. Either its very cold or its very very cold :)

They have tons of social security, and a very individualistic, health conscious way of life. They have about half the people that Pune has and spread across their entire country. They have nuclear families, and they have a very different cuisine as well...

And yet, and yet, I found that I was able to speak about things and have a very decent conversation with them. I guess warm, interesting, decent and humour loving people are common wherever you may go, across the globe..

Thanks for the lovely time, Hanna and Arvin (I hope the spellings are right, if not, please forgive me!)