Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blogs I like

Here are some blogs that bring a smile, a tear, or just plain confusion because I know so little of the world around me. All written by friends of mine, so here is some shameless promotion: the whimsical diary of a single mom bringing up an adorable kid. Aww factor: immense. Special bonus: good recipes shared. the anti- hero with a twist. Irreverent at most times. If people get too sick of all the sweetness on this blog of mine, head over to the dark side. I do so myself!

www. (Plain Chex): eclectic writing includes trips to the konkan, philosophical musings, and other things. Makes you think more than necessary- so very good!

www. (Rapid Uplift) : a green blog, makes me confused at times as to what the truth is. But it is out there. On the blog at least. : food, restaurants, pune.... written by a foodie and updated regularly.... what more do you want?

I'm sure I'll discover more, but when you are in a browsing sorta mood- read through them and I'm sure they won't disappoint.