Sunday, January 24, 2010

Milton's Secret

It is very tough to write a philosophical, self help book that is an easy read. Any book of this kind has to be as easy at it can get to be really effective. I should know. When I read some parts of my first book, I wonder if I could have explained something better.

To write a philosophical book for kids is even tougher. Kids and philosophy don't mix well. Kids have too much energy, too little experience and a short attention span to boot. And mostly- they don't need any damn advice.

Which is why I thought "Milton's Secret" was a very good bedtime story book. It doesn't talk down to kids. It makes them curious about the principle that is being shared. It engages them to discover a way to be less fearful and think for themselves. It is as fun as it can be too.

If you have any kids- I would recommend this highly. You could get it at a decent bookshop. And while you read the story to your young one, perhaps, Milton's Secret could be useful to you as well.