Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Make Your Journey Sweet

My new year's day was especially unique. Woke up and saw a lazy beach. Went for a swim, had some breakfast by the sea. Then ditched a really bad hotel that we'd spent the night in and headed out.

Drove to some high mountains in Mahabaleswar to have some great Parsi-style lunch in venerable old Dina Hotel. Came back home in the evening to sleep in my own bed, weary but happy.That's part of the Pune charm I guess- lots of beautiful, offbeat places at a car's hurl.

And while I was nodding off,wondering about it all, I asked myself what the best part was. It was the journey, of course.If anyone has done this, you'll know. Its lush green all around when you start and you keep staring at the calm blue and palms as you whizz by. You dont even realize when the green of the palm becomes the green of the oak. The moist sea air has become cool dew. Wild.

Life can be an awful, continued, hotel experience or a wonderful, unplanned journey to make something out of nothing. Happy Makar Sankrant to all: make your journey sweet.