Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No Rain on this Parade

I don't feel very nationalistic on most days. (Unless we are playing a cricket match). But I did something that made me feel special as an Indian yesterday, courtesy the kids.

We were seeing the Parade on TV (which was nice, although I suspect Manmohan Singh was sleeping for a while and the South Korean premier was desperately trying to look interested). The kids led the whole family up to our terrace. We hoisted the flag and sang the anthem. I felt goosebumps as we did it.

I spied a couple of neighbors wondering what's going on- but if they were smirking at us, well, the joke is on them in this case. We celebrate so many meaningless days ( friendship day, rose day, etc etc) and don't connect to what can be truly a cause for joy. Isn't it?

I'm not letting anyone rain on my republic day parade.