Monday, January 18, 2010

Finding Candy

Candy is my sweet, idiotic Labrador who couldn't find her way home from this Friday when she'd stepped out. A big, six year dog, not much of a scalp for fortune hunters, we thought. Labradors- keen sense of smell, she'll come back, we thought. And when she didnt- needless to say, when a much loved pet goes missing, your life goes a little haywire. You try hunting, praying, cursing the dog and everyone else.

Finally, we found her- she had camped with the cows at Sane Dairy, Bhandarkar Road, of all asinine things. I hadn't slept much the night before- so when we finally got her back, after visits all over Deccan and the Blue Cross as well- I could rest my weary head on the pillow. As I did that, a few thoughts came to mind:

1. It is very difficult to find a dog who refuses to be found.
2. Everyone feels guilty about something or the other about the entire thing.
3. You only realize how much you loved the dog after you've lost it.
4. There is very little that logical deductive intelligence can do in a situation like this.
5. Praying is not very comforting at the time.
6. You see dogs all around, but not your dog.
7. The Blue Cross does a lot of good work and needs more support.


8. When you do find the damn dog, you start cursing it in joyful relief.


Meghana said...

I happened to give her a nice whack on her rump when I saw her last evening at your place. Told her to behave. Lets hope she does! :)

chetan said...

Sid - I know exactly how you must have felt, and are feeling now that you have got her back!

Our dog once (long back) ran away during diwali - got scared of the crackers and in his panic probably kept running until he had no clue where he eventually landed up. We found him after more than 2 weeks, and by then I must have scoured all the possible lanes/bylanes between Nalstop and Chandani Chowk whistling and calling his name - I'm sure there are still unsolved police reports about a mad guy on a kinetic whistling and shouting till late in the nights.

Anyway, great that you found her and may she never get lost again!

Cynic's Twist said...

Goddam that dawg! J/k...but agree completely with your views (which we mostly shared through the pain of trying to locate her!)

Siddharth said...

@chetan: that is hilarious.
@meghana: I dont think that is going to work- at all.
@shree: brothers in arms