Friday, January 15, 2010

Celestial Irony

Right. So the moon obscures the sun from our vision during broad daylight- something that geography teachers and school kids will tell ya. Some won't travel, eat or even(fill in the blanks here) during this solar eclipse.

I was wondering what the big fuss was, when a friend posted something about it being a celestial spectacle on FB. That's when I lumbered from my desk to the nearest window and saw the thing. It was the sun looking like a crescent moon through some clouds (thank god for that, since I forgot about the sunglasses factor).

The sight was truly like a Zen joke. On all of us. The sun looking like the moon makes you wonder what the heck its all about. Suddenly you don't trust your senses so much- and the geography lesson about space, time and the rest of the thing comes alive in a scary but funny fashion.

You also get a philosophical lesson, as another friend put it. She said that it just makes you realize how small you really are, and how important you really are. Celestial irony: I don't need to protect my vision only when there's a solar eclipse. :)