Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Small Kid In You

This is a bit of a crazy one, but just go along with me a little bit here. Close your eyes, and just remember a happy time in your childhood. Now, remember a particular "stupid" childhood ditty/song/noise you used to make when you were happy. Real happiness, mind you- maybe accompanied by peals of laughter.

At breakfast this morning, my brother and I remembered a crazy childhood "laugh" that we used to irritate almost everybody who crossed our path in that kind of mood. You know, it went kind of like: dihi doho daha (Try saying it once to know how funny that can be when uttered).

Just sent me back to that time, and was laughing all the way to office today. Try this one out- may sound crazy, but it is a wonderful small joy to be reconnected to the small kid in you once again.