Thursday, December 17, 2009

Charity begins at home

Doing something nice brings its own reward. I have always been confused about how to treat beggar kids. My logical mind tells me that this is a racket run by a ring that doesn't give the beggar kid any money in any case. But then I look into the beggar kid's eyes, and my heart melts mostly. I remember my kids and how desperately unlucky these beggar kids are, in comparison.

So I decided to do three things. One, I'm soon going to keep a bunch of bananas/peanuts with me in the car and give them the next time instead of money to the kids. Second, I've contributed to UNICEF today for sponsoring some children activity.

Third, I've decided to use the 100th blog post on this blog this year to leave these thoughts with you. After all, I consider all those reading this blog family members indulging me when they read. And charity begins at home, doesn't it?


Gautam said...

Hey Sid....really look forwrd to reading your blog! nice going....

wrt 'charity begins at home', i've always been in a similar dilemma and then found a solution similar to yours.....always have these packets in my car, each containing a pack of good old 'parle g', a tropicana juice, one packet of crisps or peanuts and a bar of chocolate.... its nice to see the smile it brings on the kids faces!

Siddharth said...