Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Genuine Article

It is a corporate world, isn't it- you meet people who say the same things, dress the same way, eat the same kind of foods and pretend to listen to you in the same manner. Therefore, it is always interesting to meet people who are remarkably different- not in the way their image is, but in the way they have charted their lives so far.

I'm really lucky to have my life full of people who are in this rare second category. I got introduced to someone yesterday who has led a similar offbeat life: was out of IIM, joined Infosys, then started his own company, then sold out and became financially independant and now wants to do exciting new things!

His thoughts and experience were very refreshing, and I loved his unique take on process development in organisations. Spending half an hour with him, just talking about stuff made me younger by half a decade.

Cheers to genuine, offbeat, nice people.