Sunday, December 6, 2009

Digital Dhamaka

I must confess, I am always a bit wary of new technology and whether it will make a real impact on my life in a positive, evolutionary way. Yeah, you can call me the last luddite who goes protesting all the way to the brave new world.

But I got something yesterday which was quite neat. It is a gift to my famille from le brother in law, who is in Pune for a quick visit from l'Europe. It is a digital photo album, and while all those of you who live in the western world must be familiar with it, I certainly wasn't. It is a genuinely cool idea which can rest on your mantelpiece, and can have a self- running option that flicks photo after photo on unsuspecting guests if that is your thing...

But jokes aside, I think this time, with this gadget, technology did speak to me in a happy, connected way. Cheers.