Monday, December 14, 2009

Look Into My Eyes....

I have no idea how Derren Brown does it, but I am a big fan of his show nevertheless. That guy is amazing- the way he gets people to do weird things like mind reading and card reading and many more crazy- ass things. It is on BBC Entertainment, and I suggest you look up their programme schedule and just watch him in action.

I love watching magic.When rationality is questioned. When logic is no longer king. Derren Brown, I think, is more than just parlour tricks and sleight of hand. He bases his stuff on hypnosis or something like that and does it so casually that you never see what is coming next.

I think the coolest thing about his show is when he gets things "just wrong"- unlike normal magic tricks. It just shows mind bending is inexact but awesome. A little scary, but fun.


Cynic's Twist said...

It is a weirdly interesting show...but I am not convinced about the authenticity any magic shows they do on TV...who knows whether they actually show failed tricks to make the whole concept more believable at a level?