Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When Something Clicks

I'm currently writing my second book- called "The Gift of the Gab" which is a corporate tale exploring the theme of communication in work life. I'm on my third draft- time when you've got the basic ingredients in place and you need to make a few finishing touches.

I had been struggling with this draft in one particular area. I've discovered that unless you have had an experience of what you are writing, it becomes a difficult task. I was wondering whether the reason why I was struggling was because of this. Another thing I've noticed is that every time I write something down, it needs to have been valuable to me first. I wondered whether what I needed to write was really going to add any value, or whether I was doing it to "tie some loose ends"

Whatever the reason was, I was struggling. Then this morning, just an hour ago, a colleague came and talked to me about something that he'd experienced. I had shared my thoughts with him on this subject before- and something positive had come out for him because of this. His experience touched something inside my head and suddenly, with absolute clarity, I knew what was still missing from my book.

Does a higher power arrange for such coincidences? I wonder how many of you have had this kind of experience in your own fields. The small joy when something clicks and falls into place.