Monday, September 28, 2009

The Spirit of Adventure

Have you read "The Old Man and the Sea" and somehow, somehow, wished that there was an ounce of happiness in a gritty tale like that- you know- a crumb of hope that you can take ahead after keeping the book down?

Well, the answer is Up. Or rather- an animation movie called Up, which I found completely charming and version 1.1 of "The Old Man...". Loved the old guy. Loved the treatment (especially when they show his whole life unfold in a very short span of time but with complete emotional content). I loved how he rebels and flies his house out (what an idea- completely unbelievable but totally cool)

The story is all about the spirit of adventure- how it keeps all of us alive and kicking. Its about postponed dreams(sometimes the journey takes you to a different path but postponing the dream may be worth it) and flawed heroes (how protecting your ego can turn the superhero in yourself into a complete villian)

As they say- its got layers. Watch the film. Precious is what I'd call it.