Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All you need is imagination

My kids tend to use me to prolong their time not nodding off to sleep through stories that I concoct. It is a lot of fun, even if you are dog tired, something about a goofy story ensures a child's giggle. Very infective.

One particular fun thing we end up doing is to "complete the story" with everyone pitching in one sentence before the baton goes to some other place. So a typical prince and princess story ends up at a mad scientist's lab with super heroes thrown in. Sometimes it gets so crazy that we cant continue.

I guess that's what they do in some cartoons, judging by the storylines that you see. As Spongebob Squarepants said, "All you need is imagination". Amen.


Meghana said...

That's why you are such a great Dad. I hope I learn from you!

Siddharth said...

You're a great mom yourself!

Cynic's Twist said...

Everyone is great! Promotions for everyone!

Siddharth said...