Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Good Thali

I recently had a so-so experience going to a puneri thali place. Not that the food was bad- it was just blah. Why this rant on this kind of blog? Because I remembered what its like to have a real good thali.

I personally like Durvankur for a basic thali and Panchawati Gaurav for a premium one. I know its not completely Maharastrian but boy, both places are real good. I know that there are more famous places than the ones I have listed, but the food, service and overall "feel" of these places is unique to me.

What I love about a good thali is the different kinds of Indian bread on offer, all at one go. And I'm a dessert fan as well. And the buttermilk. As you can see, I could go on.

Its a big meal, and a small joy. Skip breakfast, though.