Thursday, September 10, 2009

Indian Butter

Ok, Mr.Cholesterol Watcher, you aren't really going to like this one. Maybe I won't either soon enough. So here's a small joy beyond compare, while it lasts: Indian butter. I've never had better. Either the white variety, or "Amul". I miss my current fix- there's some kind of shortage in Pune- and any healthy substitute doesn't cut it. Sorry.

Nobody really talks about it much in India- we take the taste so much for granted. But anyone who's headed out or has just come back from a foreign land will definately know what I'm talking about. The salty, rich taste that is so peculiarly Indian. The way it works on toast, waffles, parathas, naans, and anywhere else- like butter chicken.

I like the white butter too- Loni- though this has fewer takers nowadays. It's a little sour but has an amazing, home-made taste. Try the Loni on hot toast, and dip it into a masala chai, when its raining outside. Yum.