Sunday, September 20, 2009

Professor Dumbledore

Every Harry Potter needs a Professor Dumbledore, and in my case, that is a position represented by a select few people who have taught me over the years.

One such Professor Dumbledore is AY Joshi, who has taught a lot of my family the subject of economics (amongst other unaccountable things). He was over for a meal yesterday, and it was great catching up with him and learning some new stuff from him as usual.

I think he missed his calling- should have taught Philosophy instead. When he spoke yesterday, I was transported into Nietzsche's fundamentally unsound mind, into Jean Paul Sartre's existential cafe, and met Ayn Rand's Howard Roark all over again. (He's THE man, we agreed). We spoke of the philosophy of music and survived an occasional western civilisation rant as well :)

What a wonderful way to refresh your mind. More such small joys, and on the double, please!