Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One of them days

When you walk your pet dog in the pouring rain, in the early hours of the morning, so that it can do its stuff while you watch it do so is when you feel horrible. That feeling of yuckiness and general persecution (why me?)continues as you give yourself a wash when you get back home.
As you settle down for breakfast, you realise that your egg is a bit too salty. Perhaps a loved one is sick, or acting crabby to add to it all.

Then you get to work and the power's been cut off. Hm! And when you are about to rave and rant at the next unfortunate person that comes your way, along comes a nice mail from a friend, a mail that has beautiful photos maybe, of nature, or northern lights, or of fire rainbows.

And inspite of your rotten day, you marvel at the photo. That is one heck of a small joy.


khatriranjya said...

I feel Sid has a photographic memory with very keen observation...though i feel most of us have photographic memory but no film....anyway i have thought, rare but i do ..if you happen to remember watching somebody laughing uncontrollably its brings a smile to the most serious and intense of faces, for no apparent reason...small joy

Siddharth said...

That's a real nice small joy!