Monday, July 6, 2009

Life's small opportunities

We all hate being taken for granted, isnt it? But I had the exact opposite experience this morning. I met a dear friend of mine, my neighbour, whom I yelled out and said good morning to, and asked whether he wanted a cup of tea. This was quite early in the morning, and he'd just come back from the US- so I thought he would be busy with something else, or would be plain tired. I figured that he would decline the offer and catch with me later.

But to my pleasant surprise, he said he was coming right up. We had a nice chat and the tea wasn't too horrible. I learnt something from him today. He took the offer up and spent that time with me there and then, not pushing out something for later. It wasnt more than 15 minutes, but it was full of life and that's how it should be- but we keep forgetting that...


What is gay marriage said...

Some people are plain lucky that their neighbours invite them over for tea..Wah Taj friends, cheers !!!