Sunday, November 30, 2008

the fine print

Well, I was trying to get my life back to normal, so I visited Swagat- the watering hole that I have spoken highly of before- on the weekend. Normally, Swagat is a rabble rousing place, but the patrons were quite subdued, following the terrorost attacks. So subdued, that my friends and I were the ones who were overheard :)

Well, What I like about Swagat is that strangers can talk without really feeling awkward about anything. A gentleman on the next table, who was overhearing our conversation, said that he wanted to share something with us. He'd written something on a paper napkin. It said:

Life is Beautiful
* conditions apply

Isnt that a really cool one? That's what life is: beautiful, but dont forget the fine print. It can be unfair at times.