Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Perfect Riposte

Have you seen the Meg Ryan movie- "You've got Mail?" - she talks about how she never is able to hold her own and give the " perfect riposte" to the smart-alecs all around her. In the movie, if someone said something rude, hurtful, or calculated to make her fearful, she couldn't really hold her own in that moment- she was too taken aback and tongue tied.

Maybe you know what she went through. There are some people- they may be relatives, family friends or work colleagues- who have a very uneasy, edgy aura around them. It may be their ultra competitive personalities, or just something they ate. Whichever way, they make you nervous, and their biting comments typically catch you off guard and make you wish that you wish you'd said something really clever back to them- but usually its after they have gone far far away.

But on those rare occasions when you can catch these sort of blights off their guard, well- there in lies a small joy. Needless to say, I had one of these rare ones this morning, with someone who typically makes me uneasy- and man that feeling was good!