Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Starring Kumble as Amitabh Bacchan

Didn't Anil Kumble remind you of an Angry Young Bacchan , hands on hips, steely glare at some unfortunate fielder and making batsmen quake in the process? Well, that show just got over and a I shed a little tear that those 619 small joys(the wickets he took) isnt going to increase anymore.

Hmm. Another one bites the dust. The way I'd like to remember Anil Kumble is the way he told us disarmingly, when he was quitting the game that he's still trying to bowl legspin properly. But Kumble's wickets were always a small joy. No big turn, no theatrics, but... a quick lbw or caught and bowled.

All those small joys, however, added up to him being India's biggest matchwinner. Not bad for a spinner who couldn't spin it at all!


khatriranjya said...

well after that comparison its fair to say that you are an kumble fan no doubt he has been a stalwart in india's fortunes and he will be sorely missed,but being a bacchan fan myself i wont go as far as that people have even compared him to sachin tendulkar as of now i would wish him well for the future but i still cant make him out
good luck kumbles


well....everybody has some limits...i think our terrific Kumble is now going to take wickets in his family (hehehe...).

well written, u have a ability to write best thing in a very short para, good....
best of luck ..


Siddharth sir , try to read my blog also and tell me... how i m writing ...?